How It Works

How Does the HydroHeater™ Work?

There is a heating element INSIDE the drinking tube. The heating element is powered by a battery pack and activated on demand by a button with a LED indicator. The reservoir is kept warm by the user’s body heat. Once the heating element thaws enough for a small flow the warmer water will be sucked through and thaw the rest of the plug very quickly.

So it’s all about efficiency:

  • Use the heating element only when needed to get a small flow started, then let the warmer reservoir water finish it off.
  • Because the heating element is inside the drinking tube, all the created heat goes into the frozen plug.
  • The heating element is only activated when the user needs it.
  • Because of this efficiency, the system will thaw a tube in conditions down to -50F.

There are many ways to keep hydrated in the cold, usually consisting of some type of bottle or reservoir, insulation, and possibly a drinking tube. These systems are vulnerable to freezing, cumbersome to use, unreliable, and low volume. The freezing vulnerability is the biggest problem. Your water might be hard to get to and low volume and sometimes leak but those things can be tolerated. If your water freezes,  AND IT ALWAYS WILL, it’s USELESS! It just takes one small drop of water to get into a drinking tube or a bottle lid, it freezes and you’re going dry.

The HydroHeater™ is reliable, easy to use, works with any volume of reservoir, AND VULNERABLE TO FREEZING. That’s right, there’s some awesome insulation on the HydroHeater™, and you should remember to blow the water out of the tube, but it just takes one little drop to seep in and it’s a frozen plug. That’s OK, let it freeze when you don’t happen to be drinking, don’t worry about it.  Even if you forget to blow back and the entire tube of water freezes, that’s OK. The HydroHeater™ is ready and waiting to apply some power and thaw that tube in a matter of minutes.